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Work out the Corner

Many people are locked up in a corner. 
It's like you can’t find back success. friends and people have turned their back on you.

There are certain situations and mistakes that we have  got ourselves into..
Every situation you find yourself in, that you don’t like, and you want it changed- start working it out now.
God wants you to Work your way out of the corner. 

The reason why you have to work your way out is because  movement should  be a process and not an event. 
If you get it too quickly, its going to mess you up.
What you learn in the process, prepares you for the assignment or where you are going. 
It prepares you for the blessing.
Many fell back in the corner and accepted the enemy’s liars. Start working at the corner. 
Your corner must be a transporting mode for your next level,
Whatever situation you find yourself in,  say: "i am  going to work my way out."


1. To work out The Corner, you must be prepared to work with the truth.
We can only know the truth by living the truth.
We do not only know the truth by what is being preached , but we do learn it from what is lived.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, you will never come out until you discover the truth and begin to live with the truth.
Jesus said " the truth shall set you free. John 8:31-36
The truth is what will set you free. Whatever you are going through or want, it is the truth that will set you free.

2.Take baby steps in the beginning

What do you want to change in your life?
Take one step; if God opens the door, then take another step. If He closes the door, then back off, try another direction or wait a while. Always pray and step out again.


-Pastor Jesse

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