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  • That God will raise our love & devotion & passion for him

  • Pray specifically for different ministries that you have an interest in or a burden for (missions, youth, choir, men’s...)

  • Pray that God will raise up spirit-filled leaders.

  • Pray that God will pour out his spirit and work in people’s hearts (isaiah 32:15-17; 35:6-7)

  • Pray that God will provide his power & use us to reach the  lost.

  • Pray that the work of the church may be done in his power

  • Pray that god will take away any strife present in the church Body and bring unity. (john 17)

  • Pray for your Sunday school teacher.

  • Pray for your church to be a praying church  (Isaia 56:7)

  • „your prayers are plowing the spiritual soil of your church and preparing the ground for the coming harvest of changed lives.“




  • To see the wide door for Evangelism.

  • To rely upon the Holy Spirit and have confidence in the power of the gospel to transform adversaries and overcome difficulties.

  • To see and feel the pain and suffering of a broken world.

  • Pray that the chains of bondage will be broken on the lost in our community.

  • Pray unbelievers will receive His salvation.




To the Lord of the Harvest


  • Give thanks for a bountiful harvest.

  • Pray for forgiveness for the lack of labour in the harvest.

  • Ask God to send out labourers in your harvest area.

  • Pray for vision in reaping the harvest.

Going Beyond the Walls of the Church



  • Pray that God will cause our hearts to burn with a desire to share the good news of Christ in our neighborhoods, offices, clubs, and social relationships.

  • Pray that we would become aware of the opportunities God brings our way on a daily basis to share His good news of salvation.

  • Pray that we would not fear and be men-pleasers rather than God-pleasers.

  • Pray that our churches and ministries would honour those who share Christ and minister.

  • Pray that we would weep over our cities as Christ wept over Jerusalem – and having sown in tears, go forth expecting a harvest.




Laborers for the Harvest – Matthew 9:38


  • Pray for the harvest, and for its preparation and protection; pray for open hearts and doors (Acts 16:14; Col. 4:2-6).

  • Pray that we will be ready when the harvest time comes; pray for preparation and unity (2Tim 4:2, Jn 17:20-23).

  • Pray for workers to be thrust into the harvest; pray for open eyes and willing workers (Mt 9:35-38;Jn 4:35-38).

  • Pray for revival and renewal within the present church.

  • Pray for the starting of new churches.

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