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Finding back success in life


You can't cheat on success.

There are no shortcuts to success, no magic bullets.

If you really want to achieve something in life, stop looking for shortcuts.

Maybe things didn't work out the way you planned etc.

You May have lost focus... We face a lot of distractions on our way to success.

Here are 5 ways to help you find success in life, by overcoming your past.


1.Where Did I Go Wrong?

Where you fell is not where you slipped.

Don't blame anybody. This is the first and most crucial step in overcoming your past.

You must identify what contributed to your mistake.

This is the hardest part for most people.

People who don’t take responsibility for the outcome of their lives.

People who blame everyone because no one helps them.


There are two types of mistakes:

1.Those made out of misinformation,

You chose to buy a red sports car, but did not realize it would raise your insurance premiums, and had you known that information, you would've made a different choice.


      2. Those made from an unhealthy mentality.

If you continually fall in love with the same type of person, and this relationship always descends into the same type of break up, you must figure out what is in you that's attracting this into your life.

Work on yourself.


2. A positive Attitude

A positive Attitude affects us. People who have made up their mind to always bounce back.

If you have a wrong attitude because of what has happen to you...

Decided to be totally negative. ( " I will never get over this")

The more you make negative confessions, the more those negative confessions will sink deep in your sub conscious mind.

We are told that only one tenth of our minds is conscious, that means nine tenth is sub conscious( below the conscious mind)

There are some things that affects you that you are not even aware of.

Subconscious mind:

We are told that the subconscious cannot think for itself

It is programmed by your conscious mind.

Your sub consciousness does not know what is right or wrong. It just accepts what you program.

So if you keep programming negative confession( " I know am not going to make it)

Anything that you continue to repeat over and other with thoughts.

And when your sub consciousness is full with thoughts, it turns around and controls your conscious mind.

Be careful of the confessions you make.

The confessions you Make will PROGRAMME your sub consciousness and it will control you.

Some of us, our experience has caused us to be bitter.


Our mind is like a computer.

What you PROGRAMME in, is what you going to get.

So when you program negative thoughts, and now you want to be happy, the computer will tell you, it's not compute.

Whatever happen, you need to re access your attitude.

Your attitude is what will carry you down. Your attitude will affect you weather you will live or not.

Whatever you are going through; Your ATTITUDE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.


3. I Forgive Myself

Mistakes are our greatest teachers.

Whatever it's poising your system, you have stop taking that poison.

When you don't forgive, you walk in depression., They are weighing you down.

You become miserable. You cannot smile.

When you come to church and something funny is said, and everyone is laughing you say “what's funny?”


4.Where Are My Friends?

True friends are the greatest asset for any overcomer. True friends are hard to get and hard to lose. A true friend will stick with you during your darkest moments, and inspire you to claw out of your pit.



- Pastor Jesse

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