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Before you start fasting


  1. Before you fast, WRITE YOUR PRAYER POINTS DOWN. There must be a reason for your fast Isaiah 58:6

  2. Prepare yourself mentally for the fast that you are going to experience, temporary pain which will lead to permanent gain. There is no easy path to  glory. There is no rosy road to fame.

  3. Take water if your body strength is failing. TAKE WARM WATER AFTER 3 DAYS.

  4.  During your fast, read the word of God regularly.

  5. Cut down on social ineractions during your fast.

  6.  Pray at every available opportunity. Pray, pray, pray.

  7.  Remain focus on your goals for the fast. What do you want God to do? Refer to your list regularly

  8. Confess your sins, avoid bitterness and give alms. Releasing forgiveness on all who have offended you.

  9. Do not deny your husband / wife sex during your fast period except by mutual agreement. If your partner understands , then you can have sex between 7 p.m. And 5a.m the next day. But you do not have sex during your fast time of 6am.


The most important element to surviving a fast, without falling off the wagon, is preparation.


Positive Attitude:  Approach the fast with a can do attitude.  Christianity is based on faith, so you must believe that you can successfully endure the fast.  A negative or defeatist attitude will most likely result in defeat.

Caffeine and Sugar Withdrawal:  If you are heavy coffee and soda drinker or eat a lot of chocolate and sweets you will probably experience withdrawal in the form of headaches or cravings.  To help with these symptoms, start to cut back on sweets and caffeine at least a week before the fast begins.  The symptoms won’t last the entire fast but probably for about 3 days.

Know Your Food Groups:  It’s difficult to survive a fast if you don’t have enough to eat, so you should know your food groups.  For instance, some fasts will say you can only eat fruits and vegetables.  Did you know that nuts are a fruit?  Nuts are also a great source of protein.  Learn your food groups.

Go Grocery Shopping:  Make a list of what you are allowed to eat during the fast and purchase what you need for at least a week.

Cook Ahead And Freeze:  Soups and some vegetarian casseroles can be prepared ahead of time and frozen.  You can make a very hearty bean soup with vegetable broth.

Take Your Lunch To Work:  Taking your lunch to work will relieve the stress of finding what you can eat on a restaurant menu.


  1. Believe you have received all that you have prayed for in this prayer and fasting programme.

  2. With your eye of faith, begin to see your answer (performance) in advance. The just shall live by faith. Until you see it, you cannot seize (hold) it. Live in thanksgiving and praise. Refuse to complain or murmur!

  3. Wait for your season.There is a time to make things happen and a time to allow things to happen. Wait on God! Wait for your God-ordained season. Refuse to doubt God!

  4. Break your fast with fruits and light food.To avoid abdominals cramps! Eat heavy food gradually.

  5. Watch and pray against temptation. Read your Bible regularly! Avoid sin and strife!

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