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One Step At A Time


If we want God's will to operate in our life, we must be deligent and keep doing whatever He has made clear for us to do until He tells us, "Dont do that anymore."

Sometimes Following God is like climbing a mountain. He sometimes covers the height of the mountain with the claud that we cannot see.The only thing we can see is the first step. Step by step. Because when we see the height, we may complain that we are not ready etc.

Do what is infront of you to do., even if you are not hearing perfectly.God will honor your obedience and will complete His full plan for your life.

In Gods plan for us,we cannot skip steps that we dont like  and move on to other ones.

We cannot skip the hard step or the one thst require sacrifice.

You want to be like fred hammond, but are you loyal ....

Following God's plan for our lives require investment.

We must sacrifice self will to have God's will; we must sacrifice our way to have his way.

Obeying God is for our own Good. It is not for God to prove anything.He is already God.

Day 7

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