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Day 2

A Lesson From King Asa

2 Chronicles 14:1-6

He took over after his father Abijah had died.

Q:What can we learn from the Story of Asa?



He removed idolatry which is forbidden by God.

He commanded the people to seek the Lord and to obey his commands.


What he did It pleases God.

His obedience to God led him to have peace in his time of riegn.

Obedience leads to peace.


He was able to build because he had peace.

When you lack peace, you cannot build..

Read verse 6-7

Lack of peace is the thief of destiny.

Pray that God will grant you peace.

 Obeying God is the first step on the path of peace.


14:3-5 Simply attending worship services is not enough to secure God’s peace. 

Like Asa, we must also actively remove anything that is offensive to God.

Becoming more active in church attendance or doing good deeds will still leave us in turmoil if we have failed to eliminate sinful practices from our lives. 

We should continually ask God to help us remove any source of temptation from our lives. 


14:11 If you are facing battles you feel you can’t possibly win, don’t give up. 

In the face of vast hordes of enemy soldiers, Asa prayed for God’s help, recognizing his powerlessness against such a mighty army. The secret of victory is first to admit the futility of unaided human effort and then to trust God to save. 

His power works best through those who recognize their limitations (2 Corinthians 12:9). It is those who think they can do it all on their own who are in the greatest danger. 

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